Hair growth treatments for balancing protein and moisture

A balance of protein and moisture to the hair is very essential for retaining the healthy hair growth. Protein adds strength to the scalp and it maintains to hold the structure. Moisture which is water will give elasticity and flexibility to the hair to with strand by adding protein to hair. If your hair has too much of protein but with less moisture content, then hair faces brittle to break therefore equal balance of moisture to hair is very important. That’s why it is essential to use water based moisturizers to the hair if not it will become dry naturally and it will cause extreme damage to the hair.

apply protein treatment to your hair

Hair problems you will be facing like

  • High porosity in this unable to retain the moisture content.
  • Low porosity in this will not penetrate and you should know if your hair needs protein.
  • High elasticity which will stretch excessively.
  • Low elasticity which break the hair without stretching.

Treatments to balance the hair

To balance the hair there are two treatments one is for protein and other one is for moisture. For this you need to do deep conditioning both separately also you need to find or determine the type pf treatment required for your hair. If it is weak or limp, then you must require protein treatment. If once you achieve the balance in both protein and moisture, then both the treatments can be taken alternatively which is followed by shampoos.

In case if your hair is damaged severely then you need to take both the treatments after the shampooing. To do this 1st need to apply protein treatment to your hair and leave it for allocated time then rinse it. In second apply moisture treatment with following instruction and rinse after sometime.

The best way to apply the treatment through applicator brush and first need to apply the treatment on the entire hair shaft from roots to end and pay more attention to end so it will also get treated well by using protein conditioner. After this process you need to cover the head with plastic cap and apply heat with the hooded dryer which is medium heat for 15 minutes keep in mind don’t use air blow dryer.

Like protein treatment moisture treatment has to be applied with applicator brush and by paying more attention to the ends. After all the process, you need to seal the moisture by using protein oil for hair. Oil based products which contains petroleum, mineral oil or lanolin.