Main causes of frizzy hair

If you want bright, safe and smooth hair, hands up? So this is most of us. Unfortunately, the barrier between the hair we like and the hair we have is unruly frizzy hair. There are several reasons why the hair cannot cooperate: dry hair, breakages, divisions and static all lead to a fumigation halo.

Why is hair frizzy and main causes of frizzy hair?

A few environmental factors can cause hair frizzy, namely:


the hair has three layers: the cuticle, the cortex, the medulla and a thousand cells. The most outer layer, the Cuticle, consists of cells arranged as tiles of a roof that overlap. The main function of the cuticle is to protect the middle layer of the scalp, i.e. the cortex, which preferably should lie flat.

As the cuticle’s overlapping cells are lighter, moisture can penetrate into the inner cortex and swell. Healthy hair typically has around 15% of water weight, which in very wet conditions can grow to 30%. However, damaged hair can absorb over 50% of its water weight from a moist environment that can cause unbelievably hard friction.frizy hair compare


Hair can be fried because of static electricity, too. The hair shaft produces a small negative load on all strands when the hair is combed or washed. When they have a common load, hair strands tend to repel each other rather than to remain in place.

Frizz is often encouraged by other environmental factors that contribute to loss of hair lipids or moisture. That include hot showers (which have natural lipids/oils in the strips), sun exposure and chlorine in the baths, both of which can contribute to dry, frizzy hair.

Some hair forms are more vulnerable to friction than others. These comprise:

Dry hair

Our hair consists mainly of lipids, water and keratin of the hair protein. All three are critical for the strength and structure of hair together and modifications in each of these can affect the quality of hair. Lipids establish a moisture buffer, preventing the entry of unnecessary humidity into the hair cortex. These are the reasons of getting hair frizzy.

Chemical and physical hair damage will make it more vulnerable to frostbite. Chemical damage is the form usually occurring because of treatments like painting, permanent waves and overuse of shampoos and alcoholic gels. Physical damage happens when hair is spread beyond its potential. Without injury, hair can stretch up to 30 percent.